• Encourage Consistent Business Growth and Development – The key to a stable and consistent tax base in Troy is through smart business growth and development.  Troy is already fortunate to be home to so many job providers, but as we witnessed through our last recession, Troy is not immune to the effects of an economic downturn.  We must make Troy a magnet to bring businesses in from outside our great city, as well as supporting and rewarding those already here with an environment primed for growth.
  • Conservative Tax and Budget Policies – As our economy has improved, so have the city’s coffers.  We must be wise stewards of this money and we need a council that remembers the “city’s money” is actually the people’s money, and spends it accordingly and respectfully with that always in mind.
  • Address the Needs and Concerns of Our Aging Population – As Troy’s population ages, we must address the increasing needs of the population that has made and kept Troy the safe, family-oriented city it has been for so many years.  We need to look at creating viable housing alternatives to prevent a mass exodus from Troy in the coming years and ensure that while we do all we can to encourage the arrival of new families into Troy, we do not lose sight of the needs of our aging population.
  • Protect and Advocate for Troy Seniors – Troy can never do enough to protect and advocate for our senior citizens.  Whether increasing protection through our world-class police department or increasing programs at our state-of-art Community Center, our city must provide Troy’s seniors with the respect, services, and protection they deserve and need.
  • Open our Troy Public Library 7 days a week – The Troy Public Library has gone through ups and downs over the past five years, but has stabilized as an excellent public resource that is part of the culture of our city.  It is time to examine the possibility of opening its doors 7 days a week, in a manner consistent with the public libraries in Bloomfield and Birmingham.
  • Create a Walkable and Vibrant Community ­– Troy is known for its strong sense of community, with its safe neighborhoods, well-developed subdivisions and excellent schools.  Consistently, however, residents have expressed a desire for a city that is more walkable and has a more vibrant “core” or “heartbeat”.  Our city is not going to change over night, but we need to look at development opportunities that can create an updated city, incorporating the requests and support for better walkability and adding to its culture.  And yet through all this, we must protect what makes Troy such a wonderful place to live and raise our children, and always act in a fiscally responsible manner.

Of course it would be impossible to put all of the issues each and every one of us care so passionately about on this website.  As such, Ethan would love to hear directly from you about the issues you feel are important in this election and in our city.  Please feel free to call Ethan at (248) 813-8331 or email him anytime to share and discuss your thoughts and ideas.